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Culinary Delights of Andalusia

(Option: Customized Itineraries)
Andalusia, Spain - 4 nights
Available February to November (excluding August)


Come join us for cooking classes with a talented chef in a small hilltop Moorish village overlooking a romantic turquoise-colored lake which lies in Parque Natural de las Sierras Subbéticas in the southern part of Córdoba province. It is an incredibly beautiful region and yet it is still relatively unexplored.

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The Legacy of Al Andalus

(Option: Customized Itineraries)
Andalusia, Spain - 7 nights
Available year round


The Legacy of Al Andalus will enable you to discover and explore the abundant history and culture of three of the most enchanting cities in the region, Seville, Granada and Córdoba - especially in its exceptional food and wine. In Andalusia, life is lived to the fullest and eating and drinking are taken very seriously. This seven night culinary holiday offers you unrivalled gastronomy, incredible wines, food and cultural visits. Enjoy a tapas tour, take cooking lessons in an authentic Spanish farmhouse with an incredible chef, learn about ham production and taste sherries and wines - this is the tour for the serious foodie.


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Sevilla and Beyond

(Option: Customized Itineraries)
Seville, Spain - 2 or 5 nights
Available year round


The city of Seville is renowned for its fascinating history and wealth of beautiful buildings, but most of all for its fine culinary traditions which are strongly influenced by its Moorish past. We offer you two options: a short two night break which wiill immerse you in the colors, flavors and textures of Andalusian cuisine or a five night tour, which will help you discover the astonishing array of places to eat and drink in this wonderful region as the two night tour, but taking you beyond Seville, into Aracena, Jerez, Cadiz, Grazalema and Arcos. Both options feature a hands-on cooking class in the local market with a professional chef.

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A Taste of Seville

(Option: Customized Itineraries)
Seville, Spain - 3 or 5 nights
Available year round


A Taste of Seville offers exceptional sherry, wine and foodie tours in Sevilla. Your guide will take you to the finest bodegas, food producers and hidden gems in the area. Choose from a three or five night tour - both are the perfect immersion into Sevilla offering beautiful accommodations, gourmet dining and the inside scoop on the finest tapas bars in the area.

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Wine and Gastronomy in Seville

Seville, Spain
Available year round

Visit Seville, the magnificent and historic city in southern Spain, where life is lived to the fullest and where eating and drinking are taken very seriously. Choose from a variety of interesting foodie tours including tapas tours and cooking classes with a popular chef in Seville, excursions outside of Seville including a foie gras tour, an olive oil tour, a cheese tour, a distillery tour and various wine trips in the area. These tours offer you unrivalled gastronomy, incredible wines, food and cultural visits. If you have a passion for food and wine and wish to learn the traditions and culture of this very special city and its surrounding areas, take a look below.


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The San Sebastián Gourmand

(Option: Customized Itineraries)
Basque Country, Spain - 3 nights
Available year round


San Sebastián is one of the most fascinating cities in the world. Famous for its beaches and pintxos (Basque name for tapas), San Sebastián is a "must see" when visiting northern Spain. In this tour we offer the opportunity to prepare authentic pintxos with a talented chef in a hands-on cooking class. San Sebastián's old city center has the highest concentration of bars and you will be taken on a private guided pintxos tour, visiting the best bars that only a local would know. 

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The Best of Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain - 3 nights
Available year round


You have heard about Barcelona for years so why not put it on your list of travel destinations? This tour is the perfect way to see and taste all that is Barcelona in just a few short days. It is a combination of gastronomy, wine and architecture and after the tour you will have gained a comprehensive view of what Barcelona is all about: great food, a diverse history and unique buildings and design. Your English/Spanish speaking guide is a local expert in these three areas and is anxious to share the highlights of this spectacular city in Spain. 

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Cycling Medieval Catalonia

(Options: Custom Itineraries, Walking Tours)
Catalonia, Spain - 6 nights
Available year round


This six night cycling tour is a perfect way to explore the quieter and less travelled areas of this fascinating region of Catalonia. The tour starts in Girona city and winds its way gently through the undulating and ever changing scenery of the Baix Emporda. You will stay at four different hotels located in the medieval villages of Girona, Sant Feliu de Guixols, Llafranc and Monells. All of the cycling takes place on quiet country roads that are part of the Baix Emporda Cycle Network. And after all of that cyclng you will need your nourishment so included are four fabulous dinners, two of which are at a one Michelin starred restaurant. Choose from a self guided tour or private guided tour.

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Secret Spain

Barcelona/Penedés, Spain - 6 nights
Available year round


What better place to indulge in a culinary vacation than Catalonia, Spain? This private tour exclusively designed for Active Gourmet Holidays, combines three lovely accommodations, inside "foodie" visits including cheese tastings and vineyard visits, fun cooking classes with talented chefs and of course, incredible meals and superb wine, all the while enjoying the architecture of Barcelona and the countryside of the Penedés region. For those looking for a true gourmand experience this tour is for you!


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Walking Coastal Spain

(Options: Custom Itineraries, Cycling Tours)
Catalonia, Spain - 6 nights
Available year round


This seven day walking adventure encompasses the true highlights of this fascinating region of Spain. The tour follows the ancient smugglers’ paths, known as the ‘Cami de Ronda’, along the stunning coastal scenery of the Costa Brava. Each headland offers incredible views up and down this beautiful coast as well as giving you plenty of opportunities to dine in the restaurants along the way to fully savour the real flavours of the Mediterranean Sea. Included are 4 fabulous gourmet dinners, two of which are at a one Michelin star restaurant, because of course we are in Spain which is loaded with Michelin starred restaurants! Choose from a self guided tour or private guided tour.

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Gourmet Rioja

(Options: Customized Group or Individual Tours)
Rioja/Basque Country, Spain - 5 nights
Available year round


Here’s your chance to get hands-on experience preparing the unique gastronomy of Rioja. Learn from an expert, make the food yourself and then sit down to enjoy the result. Three inspiring meals over five days with wine tastings, too, to find the best wine to crown your achievements. There will also be short tours of hilltop villages, the vine-laden hills and plains, bodegas and a visit to two legendary viticultural dynasties of Rioja.  

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La Rioja Wine Discovery

(Options: Weekend Tour, Customized Group/Individual Tours)
Rioja, Spain – 4 nights
Available year round


Welcome to La Rioja, an internationally famous region for its acclaimed wines and gastronomy. Join us for an outstanding gourmet wine vacation, tailor-made for groups or individuals who would like to enjoy excellent wine and amazing food. Visit La Rioja, one of the most famous and prestigious wine-producing areas in the world. Choose the fixed departure date for the actual Rioja Wine Festival which takes place annually in September or choose any other dates year round.

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“This was the experience of a lifetime.  It was more than a culinary excursion, it was an unforgettable life experience from learning new cuisine to finding serenity in olive country.  I was introduced to a wonderful world of Spanish cuisine and the down-to-earth lifestyle that defines Andalusia.  I cannot wait to go back!” - Opal H., Northport, Alabama

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